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America's Premier Leaf Guard System

Gutter Shutter Chicago

by Innovative Home Concepts, Inc. 

angies list super service award gutter guardsInnovative Home Concepts, Inc. is the original, exclusive Chicagoland dealer of the Gutter Shutter Clog Free Gutter System. 

In the 7 years Innovative has been offering this ground breaking product, they have installed the Gutter Shutter System on thousands of Chicago area homes...helping these smart homeowners say good-bye to the nasty chore of cleaning gutters on dangerous roofs and ladders.

When the owner of Innovative, Rhett Wilborn, was first introduced to the Gutter Shutter in March of 2005, he instantly knew this product would be a hit.  He had never seen a gutter protection system that was so well engineered for strength, capacity, and curb appeal. 

"The first time I saw the Gutter Shutter was in a video that showed the orginator of the product standing on the front edge of a sample piece of the system.  I had never seen a gutter hold up to that much weight without completely smashing.  I immediately contact the company to learn more. 

Once I had a piece in my hand, I knew this was a well thought outgutter guard installation chicago illinois, well engineered piece of home technology.  I couldn't believe the strength of the nylon brackets, how the entire system, trough and hood, were fully supported, and how it attached to a home with 3 screws every 2 feet.  Quite literally I was in awe of the system's strength! 

I had seen many other systems on the market.  I was familiar with Leafguard, had sold K-Guard (GutterMaxx), and had seen every topper product made... all of them were boxy looking and had lost the crown molding look of a regular k-style gutter.  Gutter Shutter looked like a better version of the original gutter.  The way the hood and trough went together reminded me of interior trim in a high end home. 

The true test was when I showed the Gutter Shutter to my Dad.  He had been in the Gutter business since 1974 and, in fact, owned one of the first aluminum gutter extruding machines in Mchenry County.  I trust his opinion as a gutter installer, as a business man, and as someone who knows quality when he sees it...  He loved it.  In fact, I think he was even more excited about then I was.  And Gutter Shutter Chicago was born!"

The first house Innovative Installed the Gutter Shutter System on was Rhett's Dad's House.

1st Gutter Shutter Gutter Protection System installation crystal lake illinois

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