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Engineered to Be the Best Gutter Protection System Available

Anyone who has seen the Gutter Shutter Clog Free Gutter System knows that it is different than any other gutter guard system on the market.

Unlike many of the products available, the Gutter Shutter was specifically engineered to overcome all of the issues that other gutter protections systems encounter:

Weak Design:  Most gutter covers, gutter screens, and full replacement systems have two issues; they are made from weak materials or are not well supported.  Weak materials break down over time and can be damaged easily especially when the product is not well supported.

The Gutter Shutter  is one of the strongest gutter systems ever made.  It is contructed of 0.032 gauge aluminum, the thickest that can be extruded from a gutter forming machine.  The "Gutter Stud" brackets are made of super strong nylon which completely supports the trough and hood sections of the system.

Low Capacity:  Many systems on the market actually have a lower capacity than regular gutters.  They try to say they have an oversized trough by measuring diagnially... these are gutters, not TVs!  On the other hand, screens that go over regular gutters that have a good capacity often clog, inhibiting water from getting in the gutter in the first place.

The Gutter Shutter has a full sized 5" trough that is the same size as a standard gutter, so you don't loose any capacity with our standard system.  In addition, all of the water goes into the system because there are no screens or holes that get clogged up.  PLUS, the Gutter Shutter system is the only full replacement system that comes in a true 6" version for larger, steeper roofs or commercial applications.

Strange, Unattractive Designs and Overwhelming sizes.  Many gutter protection products just plain look weird!  Regular gutters have had the same shape for over 50 years, they look like crown molding on your roof eaves.  These newer designs are boxy, lack the attractive curves of regular gutters, and will make your house look much different.  Most gutter cover systems attach under the second row of shingles on your roof.  This design makes the cover look unporportionately huge on your home.

The Gutter Shutter was designed to enhance the look of your home.  The trough untilizes the tried and true crown molding look of regular gutters.  The hood is low profile and attaches to the fascia so it looks in porportion to the trough section and doesn't stick out on your home.  We constantly hear from our customers how great their new Gutter Shutter looks.

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