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GutterShutter Review

GutterShutter Review. Gutter Shutter has all of the aspects one would expect from a quality Gutter Protection System. This gutter guards on house in Chicago Illinois system uses reverse curve technology where water follows the nose of the hood section and leaves and debris can’t get inside. The materials used are of the utmost quality, […]

Gutter Maxx Review

Gutter Maxx is the name brand of the K-Guard dealer in the Chicago area. K-guard has been sold by 2 gutter protection systems other companies that went out of business a few years back, Gutter Gardian and Leaf Blocker. The K-Guard system is probably the second best leaf cover system on the market. It uses […]

Leaf Guard Chicago Review

Leaf guard appears to be the most expensive gutter protection system available. You have to give Leaf Guard some credit, they were a pioneer in the gutter protection industry but their design hasn’t leaf guard gutter system changed much and was a great idea about 15 years ago. The trough of this system is unsupported […]

Gutter Covers Review

Gutter Covers Screw into Your Roof and are Weak- So many covers, so little time! All of them work the same, they attach to a regular gutter and go under your shingles. gutter covers screwed into roof bad Nailing or screwing a gutter cover under you shingles is a terrible idea unless you like leaky […]

Micro Mesh Gutter Screens

Micro Mesh Screens Clog- The creators of this gutter protection system thought they could reinvent a micro-mesh gutter screen mouse trap that never worked in the first place. Just because you make the holes smaller, doesn’t mean they won’t clog. Roof granules, decaying leaves, pine needles, tree sap, and more all clog up those little […]

Leaf Filter Review

Leaf filter gutter guards are a member of the micro mesh / leaffilter screen category. They are inserts that go on your existing gutters or on a new gutter installation. Of course like other micro screens, they guarantee that your gutter will notleaffiter gutter guards screens clog. What they don’t tell you is, of course […]

Big Box Store Plastic Screens Review

Big Box Gutter Screens Don’t Work- Everyone has tried them and everyone gets the same results…clogged gutters and clogged plastic screens. The problem with plastic screens is they let debris into your gutters. Worse yet the screens themselves clogs! So to clean your gutters, you need to remove the screens, clean the screens, clean your […]

Gutter Foam, Gutter Brush, Gutter Worm Review

Gimmicky Products are a Complete Waste of Money- These products may seem like the most economical gutter sponge clogged choice but in actually they are just cheap and don’t work. Sticking in your gutters tubes with holes in it, huge pipe cleaners, foam wedges that become clogged and brittle over time all are temperory solutions […]

GutterShutter Review

Gutters that, often than not, overflow or leak when there’s rain subject your home to water damage that can result in costly repairs. Investing in a quality clog-free gutter system is the smartest choice to protect the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. Well, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to gutter systems, and […]



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