GutterShutter Review

GutterShutter Review

Gutters that, often than not, overflow or leak when there’s rain subject your home to water damage that can result in costly repairs. Investing in a quality clog-free gutter system is the smartest choice to protect the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. Well, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to gutter systems, and one of the popular options you’ll find on the market place today is the GutterShutter.

If you’re looking for a GutterShutter review to make an informed decision, then you have certainly come to the right site.

Introducing the Amazing Innovative GutterShutter System

GutterShutter is an advanced gutter protection system, which is designed to keep your gutter clear of leaves and debris for as long as the structure exists. The system is uniquely attached to the fascia board, ensuring it stays firmly in place and withstands any weather condition. This could mean reduced risk, as you will no longer need to climb a ladder regularly to clean out the clogged gutters if you live in a neighborhood with lots of trees.

How does the GutterShutter clog-free system work?

It simply works based on the physical principle of water tension. Boasting a superior surface tension, the GutterShutter system design ensures that water streams around its nose and flows into the trough — leaving debris, leaves, and branches to fall to the ground.

It completely encloses your entire gutter with no vertical openings that could allow water or debris to enter, offering the top-notch protection you need. Also, there are no inserts, screen, or filters to clog.

There’s the exclusive highback system that provides an aluminum coating, essentially eliminating the risk for rotting of your fascia board.

GutterShutter Features

•Made with 0.032″ thick aluminum material: This is by far the strongest application you can find on the market today. Besides its excellent material and thickness, the system is attached to the fascia board using a GutterStud made from pure nylon material. The stud is applied to the fascia with two 3’’ galvanized screws, which are typically spaced 24’’ vertically. This marvelous engineering offers the strongest gutter protection.

•5″ and 6″ gutter trough: GutterShutter offers the highest capacity that can handle even the heaviest rainfalls. Both troughs have exclusive flow reducers that effectively control the speed of the rainwater, allowing for superior flow. The 5″ is the standard system and is ideal for residential applications. The 6″ trough version, on the other hand, is perfect for larger, steeper roofs.

•High-end crown molding: Seems like the manufacturer also designed this gutter system with visual attractions in mind. Well, GutterShutter enhances the exterior aesthetics of your home with a rich crown molding, which nicely outlines the eaves of your home. And considering that this gutter system comes in a variety of long-lasting color options, you can easily give your home a better curb appeal.


•Suitable for any roof
•Built for durability
•Trough and hood are fully supported
•Lifetime no-clog guarantee
•Adds to curb appeal and increases the value of your home
•Flawless fits to a roof without causing damage to your siding
•No need to be removed and reinstalled when you get a new roof


•It is not the cheapest gutter system, but most would agree, you get what you pay for.

Over 15 years ago, the engineers that designed the Gutter Shutter studied every gutter protection product on the market.  They thoroughly tested and assessed the strength and weaknesses of each product.

The Amazing GutterShutter was designed to incorporate all of the strengths they found in the other products.  But more importantly, it was designed to overcome the weaknesses they found in the products they studied.

Combining all the best design attributes and eliminating the weaknesses created the greatest clog free gutter system ever made.

If you’re looking for a clog-free gutter system that offers the best bang for your buck, then you can’t go wrong with GutterShutter.  Get a Free quote Today!

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