Leaf Filter Review

Leaf Filter Review

Leaf filter gets a c- rating

Leaf filter gutter guards are a member of the micro mesh / leaffilter screen category. They are inserts that go on your existing gutters or on a new gutter installation.

Of course like other micro screens, they guarantee that your gutter will notleaffiter gutter guards screens clog. What they don’t tell you is, of course your gutters aren’t going to clog, the screen will clog long before that. Micromesh screens need to cleaned off multiple times a year depending on your tree cover and tree type.

Another issue with leaf filter is the fact that the frame that holds the screen is made of plastic. Other screen products have a thick aluminum frame, which gives them at least a little redeeming value. Leaffilter has a vinyl frame that doesn’t seem to be very sturdy. Over time, with repeated snow, ice, hot weather, and cold weather cycles vinyl breaks downs, weakens, and eventually fails.

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